Icelandic born artist Kristjana S Williams studied graphic design and illustration at Central St Martins and quickly gained critical acclaim as Creative Director of Beyond the Valley for 8 years.

In 2011, Kristjana S Williams began creating fine art pieces, art prints, furniture and more.

Williams’s inspiration lies heavily with layering nature upon nature and ‘the symmetry in all things living’, which stems from the artist’s childhood in Iceland. When growing up the artist found nature there stark and unforgiving. Never seeing trees or colourful butterflies or exotic flowers – everything seemed grey. Now in retrospect, she feels the complete opposite as though the colours and landscape are like nowhere else in the world. Each piece created by the artist is its own universe of botanicals, atmosphere and animals, each born and grown from the things that have inspired her since being a child in Iceland.

Williams’ work has become well known throughout the industry winning numerous awards including a D&AD award, Clio Award and a first prize at New York Festivals Grand Prix

Ros Sudur Poll


Limited Edition of 145


£480 framed


Pafugla Straumur  £400 framed

Pafugla Straumur


Limited Edition of 145


£475 framed


Industrial Shard Skyline


Limited Edition of 175


Barraband Parrot £240 framed

Barraband Parrot


Limited Edition of 125


£240 framed


Lear Gaukur 09 £240 framed

Lear Gaukur 09


Limited Edition of 125


£240 framed


Langi Tagl Audubon £240 framed

Langi Tagl Audubon


Limited Edition of 115


£240 framed


Kristjana S Williams Lear Gaukur 06 £240 framed

Lear Gaukur 06


Limited Edition of 100


£240 framed


Althjodlegt Tre


Limited Edition of 175


£600 framed

Gaeda Bretland £280 framed

Gaeda Bretland


Limited Edition of 145


£280 framed


Inis £450 framed



Limited Edition of 175


£450 framed


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