Sophie Gregson


Sophie grew up in and around art in Devon, where her parents own Mayne Art Gallery. Her passion for colour, articulation and creativity really bloomed whilst travelling extensively to places rich in both culture and history such as Europe, Morocco, Indonesia and Australia.

Having studied glass and sculpture design on a numerous amount of courses, Sophie now works from a studio in Churchstow. It's from this studio that Sophie spends hours experimenting with and creating bespoke pieces.

From glass coasters to jewellery holders; glass pebble yachts to fused glass artwork, each collection reflects her contemporary, original and eye-catching style.

Her passion as high as ever, Sophie enjoys experimenting with different temperatures in the kiln to find the perfect light and texture. Taking great pride in her own work, Sophie ensures that her process is consistently to a high standard. Her favourite pieces are the ones that make you want to reach out and touch them, the pieces that tell a story and emphasise the magic of the material.

Taking inspiration from the surrounding countryside, Sophie uses the textures and vibrancy of fauna and flora to bring colour and depth to the collections. Oceanic themes of movement and fluidity heavily influence Sophie's more nautical items and her innovative approach is reflected in the functionality; every item is made with love, even down to the hand crafted pebbles!

Each item is handmade to order and may differ from the images shown.